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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Welcome and thank you stopping by. My name is Brad Marcoux, I am the owner of Quiet Life Endeavours. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. I grew up in a close knit family where my Dad and his two brothers made their living by grain farming and they operated a trucking company which was named one of Canada's top 100 companies to work for multiple times. I am very grateful for my upbringing and the values and work ethic that was taught to me. I grew up involved in sports developing a high achiever mindset, I am thankful for the values - Direction, Desire, Discipline, Determination and Dedication that sports instilled in me. Application of those values are integral to my profession today, on any project or endeavour. 2007, after 3 years of Junior A hockey in Saskatchewan I entered the workforce full time.

Today I am a Project Management Professional with a diverse set of skills, a positive mindset and relentless work ethic.

I will be looking to help people and business's to build and expand .................. (possibilities are endless)

I look forward to the journey!

Peace and Love to all.



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